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mission, vision and values.

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Our mission is to transform the image of your business through creative and quality solutions in commercial signage and corporate image, highlighting your brand in the market.

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To be the leading company in Almería in commercial signage and corporate image, recognized for our innovation, quality and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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At Dinagrama we value creativity, quality, commitment and customer satisfaction. These values ​​guide us in each project, ensuring exceptional results for your brand.

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Graphic Design and Branding

We design your visual identity with creativity and professionalism, guaranteeing coherent and attractive branding that resonates with your target audience and reinforces your presence in the market.

1. Logo Design
2. Visual Identity
3. Corporate Manuals
4. Poster Design
5. Graphic Advertising
6. Corporate Stationery
7. Business Cards

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Signs and Light Boxes

We manufacture high-quality signs and light boxes, customized to highlight your business day and night, capturing the attention of potential customers.

1. Illuminated signs with textile front
2. Front methacrylate sign
3. Front canvas signs
4. Banners
5. Aluminum composite trays
6. Luminaires
7. Luminous ceiling light
8. Corporeal ceiling
9. Pharmacy and veterinary crossings

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Corporeal and Cut Out Letters

We create corporeal and cut letters in various materials, offering an elegant and professional finish that enhances the image of your business and makes it stand out.

1. Aluminum bodies
2. Corporeal methacrylate
3. Stainless steel bodies
4. Brass corporeals
5. Letters cut out of methacrylate
6. Aluminum and methacrylate
7. PVC + aluminum trimmed
8. Cut out Methacrylate + stainless steel

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Digital Printing and Vinyl

We offer digital printing and high-quality vinyl, ideal for advertising, decoration and signage, ensuring an impeccable and long-lasting presentation of your brand.

1. Special mural vinyl for walls
2. Vehicle vinyls
3. Outdoor Tarps
4. Paintings and canvases
5. Backlit banners
6. Special vinyl vehicle lettering
7. Transparent vinyl printing
8. Easy dot
9. Building party walls

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Solar Control and Architecture

We install solar control and architectural solutions, improving the energy efficiency and comfort of your spaces, with designs that complement the aesthetics of your business.

1. UV solar control buildings
2. Anti-vandal film for shop windows
3. Window security film
4. Translucent colored vinyl
5. Translucent frosted vinyl
6. Special vinyl vehicle lettering
7. Promotional vinyl window displays

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Advertising Decoration

We transform your spaces with creative and attractive advertising decoration, designing environments that communicate your message and strengthen your brand identity.

1. Installation of vinyl campaigns
2. Assembly of optical showcases
3. Pharmacy vinyls
4. Window dressing and POS
5. Advertising shopping centers
6. Makeup stations
7. Podiums
8. Visuals
9. Linear

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